Alicante bullfighting tickets

There are no bullfighting events coming soon, next fair June 2025

Bullfight prices Alicante 2024

Below we leave you the starting prices for the next bullfight depending on the locations chosen:

Sun Tickets

  • Barrier: From €38
  • Counterbarrier: From 31€
  • Stalls: Between €17 – €28 depending on height
  • Terraces: From 15€

*NOTE: These are the cheapest tickets to the bullring because the sun shines throughout the bullfighting event. Therefore, in these types of locations the heat is greater and the visibility is a little lower.

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Sun and Shadow Tickets

  • Barrier: From €60
  • Counterbarrier: From €45
  • Stall: Between €23 – €39 depending on height
  • Terraces: From 25€

*NOTE: These tickets have an intermediate price because during the bullfight, their seats will receive sun and later shade.

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Shadow tickets

  • Barrier: From €80
  • Counterbarrier: From €65
  • Stall: Between €30 – €46 depending on height
  • Terraces: From €20-€25
  • 2ª Grada: From 25€


*NOTE: Shaded tickets are the most expensive because they are located in locations where the sun does not shine and therefore, it is more comfortable and pleasant to enjoy the show due to better visibility and because the spectator experiences less heat.

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Bull bonfires Alicante

Do you want to attend the Hogueras fair? Tickets for the bullfighting fair are now available, you can take a look at the 2024 bullfighting poster and choose the bullfighting event that interests you the most:

Bullfighting eventDayBullfighters who participate
RejonesJune 16thAndy Cartagena, Diego Ventura y Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza.
NovilladaJune 20thFuente Ymbro para Kevin Alcolado, Marco Pérez y Javier Cuartero.
BullfightJune 21thSebastián Castella, Alejandro Talavante y Daniel Luque.
BullfightJune 22thJosé María Manzanares y Roca Rey.
BullfightJune 23thEnrique Ponce, en su despedida de Alicante, Morante de la Puebla y Tomás Rufo.
BullfightJune 24thRafaelillo, Manuel Escribano y Borja Jiménez.

Do you want to buy tickets for the Alicante bullfighting fair?

Tickets for the Alicante hogueras fair are available, and you can make a reservation for your ticket. Once the official Toros Hogueras 2024 tickets go on sale, your ticket will be sent to the email with which you made the purchase. These are the most sought-after bullfighting tickets of the year so we highly recommend booking your ticket in advance. The distribution of seats is done in order of list so that the first to buy bullfighting tickets will be the ones with the best seats available.

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the entire bullfighting lineup!

Type of tickets available

  1. First row: These are the seats closest to the ring, located at the front. They offer a privileged view, offering more excitement and a sense of danger to the viewer. They are the most expensive tickets.
  2. Counterbarrier: They are the next seats closest to the arena, they have a good view but with a slight additional distance.
  3. Stalls: They are the seats located at an intermediate distance. You can find inputs for high and low runs.
  4. Boxes: These are private, enclosed spaces located on the upper floors of the bullring. The boxes have limited seating capacity and offer a panoramic view of the bullring.
  5. Terraces: These are the highest areas of the plaza and therefore are the cheapest tickets. Although the view may be further away, they provide a global perspective of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bullfighting tickets in Alicante are quite affordable compared to other events. The price varies depending on the seat chosen and the bullfighter who is going to fight, but we can say that you can buy your bullfighting ticket from €25 per person. To check the exact price, choose the bullfighting event you want to attend and select the desired seat to know the price.

There are no children’s tickets, so tickets are the same regardless of the age of the attendees.

We offer you a comfortable, agile and safe way to buy tickets, acting as distributors and intermediaries between our clients and the promoters we work with. If you have made a mistake in your purchase or are unable to attend the show, we regret to inform you that we cannot cancel or exchange your bullfighting tickets.

Yes, when purchasing your ticket on our secure platform, when single tickets become available at the end of July, you will be able to choose your desired zone and seat. Tickets are numbered so once a seat is purchased, it cannot be changed. To see the available seats, choose the desired bullfight and click on the buy tickets button.

Alicante bullring box office

At the beginning of this page you will find all the events that will be held in the Alicante bullring during the year 2023 and 2024. To buy your bullring tickets, you simply have to select the bullfighting event you want to see. Next you must choose the route and location you want and add the order to the cart. Finally click on checkout to add your bank details and email.


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