The 5 best museums in Alicante

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Alicante is a city with a rich cultural and museum offer. Here you have an in-depth analysis of the five best museums in Alicante, each with its essential information:

1. Alicante Archaeological Museum (MARQ)

The MARQ is one of the most prominent museums in Alicante and has been awarded Best European Museum in 2004. It focuses on archeology and offers a modern, interactive experience. Their exhibitions change but focus on the following:

  • Permanent Exhibitions: They cover from Prehistory to the Modern Age, with rooms dedicated to Iberian, Roman and Medieval Culture.
  • Temporary Exhibitions: They include samples of different cultures and eras, from Egypt to pre-Columbian America.

Facilities: The museum has a wide variety of interactive and multimedia resources, as well as a specialized library, educational workshops and activities for all ages.

Visits and Activities: It offers guided tours, workshops for schoolchildren, family activities and conferences, which makes it a dynamic and educational space.

Address: Plaza Doctor Gómez Ulla, s/n, 03013 Alicante, Spain | See on map

2. Bullfighting museum and bullring

The Alicante Bullfighting Museum is located next to the historic Bullring, one of the oldest in Spain, inaugurated in 1847. This museum offers a deep perspective on the history and culture of bullfighting in the region. Inside you can find the following:

  • Visit the bullfighting museum: They exhibit a wide collection of costumes, old bullfighting posters, photographs, and objects related to bullfighting. The elements belonging to illustrious figures of Alicante and Spanish bullfighting also stand out.
  • Take the tour of the square: The tour includes an audio guide with which you will tour the square and see such incredible places as the arena, the chapel or the bullpens. You will have free access to their virtual games and videos where you will learn while having fun.

Facilities: The museum has several exhibition rooms that detail the history of bullfighting in Alicante. The Bullring, adjacent to the museum, is also part of the visit, allowing visitors to explore its stands and the arena.

Address: Plaza de España, 7, 03004 Alicante, Spain | See on map

3. Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante (MACA)

The MACA museum is located in the Old Town of Alicante, in a historic building that combines ancient and modern elements. This museum is a reference in contemporary Spanish art.


  • Permanent Collection: Includes works by artists such as Eusebio Sempere, Juana Francés, and Salvador Dalí. It also has a collection of 20th century art with works by Picasso, Miró, and Chillida.
  • Temporary Exhibitions: They vary regularly, showcasing both local and international artists.

Facilities: The museum has several exhibition halls, an auditorium for conferences and screenings, and an art store. Guided tours, contemporary art workshops and educational activities for schoolchildren and families are held in its facilities.

Address: Plaza de Santa María, 3, 03002 Alicante, Spain | See on map

4. The Ocean Race Museum

This museum is dedicated to The Ocean Race sailing regatta, one of the most important nautical competitions in the world. It offers a fascinating insight into the world of sailing. In that incredible museum you can see:

  • Permanent Exhibitions: They present the history of The Ocean Race, its boats and its crews. It uses interactive technologies to immerse visitors in the regatta experience.
  • Temporary Exhibitions: Related to maritime history and navigation.

Facilities: It has navigation simulators, multimedia exhibitions, and a play area for children.

Address: Muelle de Levante, Port of Alicante, s/n, 03001 Alicante, Spain | See on map

5. Bonfire Museum

The Bonfire Museum is dedicated to the Bonfires of San Juan, the most important festival in Alicante. This museum celebrates the history, art and tradition of these festivities by showing all types of bonfires which are burned during the San Juan festivities.


  • Permanent Exhibitions: They include models of bonfires, pardoned ninots (figures saved from fire), traditional costumes and a collection of historical photographs.
  • Temporary Exhibitions: These may include displays on bonfire artists and specific aspects of the festival.

Facilities: It has exhibition rooms, a documentary archive and a projection room.

Address: Rambla Méndez Núñez, 29, 03002 Alicante, Spain | See on map

Up to this point you have been able to see the best Alicante museums to enjoy with family and friends. Even so, the city’s offer of tourist services is broader, so if you are interested in seeing more, we also leave you the best tours of Alicante.

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