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History of the bullring

  • Origins and Construction: The idea of building a bullring in Alicante arose in the early 19th century. The work, designed by architect José Guardiola Picó, began in 1847 and was completed in 1888. Its construction was a monumental achievement in itself, given the technical challenge of the time and the complexity of bullfighting architecture.
  • Architectural Style: The Alicante Bullring presents a popular architecture, characterized by the influence of architectural elements of the time. This style can be seen in the semicircular arches, the windows and the ornamental details that adorn the façade and the interior of the bullring.
  • Capacity and Design: The plaza has a capacity to accommodate more than 11,600 spectators, making it one of the largest in Spain. The circular design and layout of the seating arrangements allow an optimal view from any seat, which contributes to the excitement and audience participation during bullfights.
  • Historic Events: Over the years, the Alicante Bullring has witnessed numerous historic events and memorable performances by famous bullfighters. These bullfights have forged an important part of the bullfighting tradition in the region and have contributed to the reputation of the bullring.

The Alicante Bullring is a cultural and architectural emblem in the province of Alicante, Spain. Its history dates back to the 19th century, when enthusiasm for bullfighting was at its peak in the region.

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Unique architecture and design

  • Style: The Alicante Bullring stands out for its popular architectural style. The exterior façade is characterized by its sobriety and light earth color that evokes a feeling of elegance and bullfighting authenticity.
  • Ruedo Central: The heart of the plaza is its central ring. This space is large and diaphanous, allowing bullfighters and bulls to shine at their best.
  • Seats and Boxes: They offer a panoramic view of the action. The upper tiers are elevated in tiers, providing a full view of the bullring and creating a unique atmosphere of excitement.
  • Colorful and Detailed: The plaza’s design includes a vibrant color palette, with ceramic mosaics adorning the walls and floor. Artistic details, such as decorative tiles, add a distinctive touch to the architecture.

More than a bullring

The Alicante Bullring is a symbol of the culture and history of the region. Its unique architecture and rich history make it a must-see destination for bullfighting lovers and architecture enthusiasts. This bullring has witnessed centuries of bullfighting tradition and continues to be an emblematic place where passion and elegance are found in every bullfight.

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