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Bullfighting Museum of Alicante

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Bullfighting Museum
  • La visite du musée taurin est gratuite du mardi au vendredi de 17h00 à 19h00 mais vous ne pouvez accéder à aucune autre partie des arènes.

Everything you will see in the museum

Costumes of Lights and Capes:

The museum houses an impressive collection of bullfighting costumes, capes, monteras and other items used by bullfighters over the years. These garments are authentic works of art and testimonies to the skill and courage of the bullfighters.

Historical Objects:

Among the objects exhibited are authentic treasures, such as trophies, swords, and personal objects of famous bullfighters who have left their mark on the Alicante Bullring.

The Evolution of Bullfighting:

The museum takes you through time to explore the evolution of bullfighting, from its beginnings to the present day. You will learn about the techniques, tools and styles that have marked each era.

The Cultural Legacy:

In addition to its focus on bullfighting, the museum also highlights how this art has influenced the culture and society of Alicante and Spain in general. From literature to art, bullfighting has left an indelible mark on cultural identity.

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