Bullfight tickets bullfight Andy Cartagena Alicante

The show

Alicante Bullring

The bullfight will be held in the prestigious Plaza de Toros de Alicante.

Duration of the event

Andy Cartagena’s bullfight will last around two hours.

How much does it cost?

Prices range from 20€ to 200€. The exact price depends on the location chosen by the visitor.


7 p.m.

Information about Andy Cartagena

Andy Cartagena, born February 14, 1981 in Benidorm, Alicante, is an outstanding Spanish rejoneador who has gained recognition and admiration in the world of bullfighting on horseback. Cartagena comes from a family with a long tradition in horseback riding and bullfighting, which gave him a solid base to develop his career as a rejoneador.

Alicante, the province of his birth, is a special place for Andy Cartagena, and he has had the honor of many notable performances in this region. Among the most outstanding bullfights he has starred in Alicante, one of the highlights took place during the Feria de las Hogueras in July 2015.

On this occasion, Cartagena faced bulls from different herds in a masterful demonstration of his art on horseback. His dexterity and elegance in the handling of the horses, as well as his ability to execute spectacular passes and quiebros, left the Alicante audience in awe. Each cast and each movement of the horses, meticulously trained by Cartagena, created an atmosphere of excitement and amazement in the Alicante bullring.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Andy Cartagena’s bullfighting is his ability to maintain a unique connection with the bulls through rejoneo. Each encounter with the bulls becomes an authentic spectacle of bravery and skill, where the horses and the rejoneador merge in an exciting dance.

This rejoneador will attend soon in the bullring of Alicante so you can buy your tickets for the bullfight of rejoneadores of Andy Cartagena in Alicante.
Rejoneador andy cartagena

Types of tickets available

In the bullring of Alicante, you can find different types of seats, which offer different perspectives and levels of comfort for the spectators. Some of the available locations in Alicante are the following:

  1. Barrier: These are the seats closest to the ring, located at the front. They will allow you to see Andy Cartagena with a privileged visibility.
  2. Tendido: These are the next seats closest to the ring, they have a good view but with a slight additional distance.
  3. Boxes: These are private, enclosed spaces located on the upper floors of the bullring. They allow you to watch the bullfighter fight masterfully from the comfort of your private area.
  4. Andanada or grandstand: These are the highest areas of the plaza, with tiered seating. Although the view may be more distant, they provide an overall perspective of the run.

Finally, spectators will be able to buy their tickets for Andy Cartagena’s bullfight depending on the area where their seat is located.

  • Sun: These are usually the most economical entrances since they are located in the area where the sun shines the most.
  • Sun and shade: These seats alternate between sunny and shady areas.
  • Shade: They are the most expensive but also the best since they allow a better and more comfortable view of the bullfight.

How to get there

If you are interested in the bullfight to be held soon in the city of Alicante, we leave below a map to locate the bullring and the best routes to attend the bullfighting event.

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