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Bullring Alicante

Tourist and Cultural Visits for Individuals and Groups
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Alicante bullring

Tourist and Cultural Visits for Individuals and Groups

Activities you can do

1. Tour of Bullring & Bullfighting Museum

The Alicante bullring offers both individual, group or private tours for all those who wish to know the hidden secrets of the Arena and the museum. You can see more information in our visits section

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2. Attend a bullfighting Show

Discover the upcoming bullfighting shows that will be held in the Alicante bullring. Find out which bullfighters are going to fight, when they will do it and much more. Buy your tickets quickly and easily!

3. Concerts and events

From October to February, the Alicante bullring hosts a multitude of concerts and events for the general public. We invite you to take a look at the upcoming shows that are going to be held.

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Enjoy a national historic monument


Annual bullfights


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Years of bullfighting art


May Fair

Photographs of the bullring

Discover some of the most incredible places of the bullring of Alicante such as the chapel, the museum, the tendidos or the infirmary. If you want more, you can always take the tour.

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Bullring tour

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bullfighting museum of alicante

Information about the bullring Alicante

The Alicante Bull ring is a cultural and bullfighting treasure that captures the essence of Spanish tradition. As one of Alicante’s most emblematic destinations, this historic bullring invites you to immerse yourself in the excitement of bullfighting and the rich bullfighting heritage.

Since its inauguration, the square has witnessed countless bullfights, cultural events and concerts that have marked the history of Alicante. The passion for bullfighting in Spain has given this plaza a special status, where some of the most outstanding matadors have performed and unforgettable moments have been experienced in the ring.

In addition to its importance in the bullfighting arena, the Alicante Bull ring has also been a setting for cultural events, concerts and activities that have contributed to enriching the cultural life of the city. Its versatility and its ability to host various artistic manifestations make it a unique and multifaceted space.

If you are a passionate bullfighter or if you are simply a person interested in learning about culture and history, we invite you to visit the plaza and experience truly special moments. We are waiting for you!