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How many people enter the bullring in Alicante?

The Alicante bullring has a capacity of more than 11,600 spectators, making it one of the largest in Spain. This impressive figure highlights the magnitude of the excitement that can be experienced at every bullfighting event held here. From the seats in the stands and boxes to the upper bleachers, each seat offers a privileged view of the bullring, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

This seating capacity not only allows a large number of fans to gather to enjoy the bullfights, but also adds a unique dimension to the atmosphere. When the cheers and applause from the audience fill the stands, the energy is palpable, creating a unique atmosphere that adds an essential component to bullfighting.

Do you want to attend a bullfight?

Choose the bullfighting event you want to attend, choose your seat and buy your ticket before the bullring is full.

How is the capacity distributed?

The seating capacity of the Alicante plaza is distributed as follows:

  1. Barrier: These are the seats closest to the ring, located at the front. They are the rarest and offer a privileged view of the bullfight or event.
  2. Tendido: These are the next seats closest to the bullring and are usually the most abundant. They have a good view but with a slight additional distance.
  3. Boxes: These are private, enclosed spaces located on the upper floors of the bullring. The boxes have limited seating capacity and offer a panoramic view of the bullring.
  4. Andanada or grandstand: These are the highest areas of the plaza, with tiered seating. There are also many seats and a less crowded capacity.

Capacity for concerts

There is one exception for the 15,000 capacity, concerts. The Alicante square is one of the favorite venues where a multitude of concerts and events of all kinds are held. In these cases, the seating capacity is increased because the arena itself is used to accommodate more people.

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