What are the bullfighting bonfires of Alicante?

Alicante bullfight

The “Corridas de Toros de las Hogueras de Alicante” refer to the bullfights that are part of the celebrations of the Hogueras de San Juan in the city of Alicante, Spain. The Bonfires of San Juan are one of the most important and emblematic festivities of the city and are celebrated annually around June 24, coinciding with the summer solstice.

This event is one of the most anticipated festivities in the city and is intrinsically linked to bullfighting. Bullfights play a fundamental role in the Alicante Bonfires, and are a manifestation of the rich bullfighting tradition that has endured in the region for centuries.

Relevant information about the bullfighting bonfires of Alicante

Here is an index of the most interesting aspects of the most important bullfighting festival in Alicante:

1.Origins of the Bullfighting Tradition in the Bonfires

The relationship between bullfighting and the Bonfires of San Juan dates back to the early twentieth century. It was in 1928 when the first bullfight was held on the occasion of the Bonfires, marking the beginning of a tradition that endures to this day. Since then, these bullfights have become an important pillar of the festivities, attracting fans from all over Spain and beyond.

2.Where are bullfights held?

Alicante Bullring, known as the “Plaza de Toros de Las Hogueras
known as the “Plaza de Toros de Las Hogueras,” becomes the epicenter of the bullfighting action during the festivities. This historic plaza, inaugurated in 1888, has witnessed countless memorable bullfights throughout its existence. Its privileged location, close to the heart of the Hogueras celebrations, makes it the perfect place for bullfighting lovers to enjoy the excitement of these events.

main entrance bullring alicante

The bullfights during the Alicante Bonfires are exciting events full of tradition. Bullfighters of national and international renown face bulls from the best cattle ranches, creating an atmosphere charged with emotion and tension in the bullring. The spectators, dressed in traditional costumes, fill the stands, creating a unique atmosphere of celebration and passion.

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Bullfighting and Bonfires: A Cultural Link:

The bullfights in the Bonfires of San Juan are not only a spectacle, but also a reflection of the deep relationship between bullfighting and the culture of Alicante. This tradition is a reminder of Alicante’s history and identity, and shows how bullfighting continues to be a fundamental part of the life and culture of the region.

Alicante bullfight

In short, the bullfights in the Bonfires of San Juan de Alicante are an essential aspect of these festivities and a manifestation of the rich bullfighting tradition of the region. Beyond the spectacle, they represent a deep connection between the culture, history and identity of Alicante. Undoubtedly, these bullfights continue to be a central element of the Hogueras celebrations, attracting fans and onlookers alike to experience the excitement and passion of bullfighting in a festive and traditional atmosphere.

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